Meet the team

In line with the Organisers pledge that this event will have a professional feel, whilst at the same time promoting the friendship and camaraderie that should exist in all fishing festivals they have employed the services of the best in the business. Management skills, marketing abilities, proven fishing records and good media relations - all these crucial things are evident in the line up of the Organising team.

Tim & Amelia Whitaker - Nearwater Events

Nearwater Events is run by Tim and Amelia Whitaker. We live and work in St Mawes, Cornwall.

Our aim is to organise events to encourage people to come to this area and enjoy what we think is the most beautiful and unspoilt part of England. Our events are professionally organised but we aim always to retain a friendly and personal feel to them. First timers as well as regular participants will always be catered for.

We moved to St Mawes in 2009 and organised our first Triathlon in Sep 2010 and the first Car Festival in 2011. We both enjoy the outdoor life and hope we can spread that enthusiasm to as many people as possible.

The idea behind “ The Salt “ came about from someone staying with us in the summer of 2014. This guest, who has since become a friend, regularly went out fly fishing each morning before breakfast and came back with tales of how many bass he had caught off the fly. I think the record number one morning was 40! Amelia needed no further persuading, “The Salt” was now in the making and thanks to the wonderful support and encouragement from Derek and many others, soon to become a reality.

Derek Aunger -  Derek Aunger Fly Fishing

Derek AungerDerek is a very  well known, respected and fully qualified game angling instructor with over 50 years fly fishing experience, writing magazine articles and television appearances, England Internationals during 1980s and Bruce & Walker, a leading rod manufacturer marketing the ‘Derek Aunger Saltwater ‘Rod.

A member of the Salmon & Trout Association Instructor, holding the Salmon & Trout Association National Instructors Certificate (STANIC) –Salmon and Trout. A past member of Game Angling Instructors’  Association (GAIA)  the Register of Fly Fishing Instructors and Schools (REFFIS)-Salmon and Trout) ,The Association of Stillwater Game Fishery Managers (ASGFM) and The Fly Dressers’ Guild.

Expert, qualified instruction in fishing for both salmon and trout and saltwater fly fishing, for individuals or groups, from beginner to advanced. All fly fishing styles covered. Wet, nymph and dry fly techniques, watercraft and entomology. Instruction given in all types of casting, single and double-handed, overhead, roll and Spey casts, double-haul and advanced casting.


Colin Macleod

Colin MacleodRaised on fishing for the wild trout of Caithness, Colin now lives on the south coast of England, where his passion lies with the wild fish inhabiting our shores and the constant development of flies and tactics to catch them. While never tiring of the thrill of doing battle with belligerent bass, mercurial mackerel, gyrating garfish, plunging pollack and the occasional thornback ray, Colin particularly relishes the challenge provided by the mullet species inhabiting UK waters. Once deemed uncatchable, regular sport with these enigmatic and hard fighting fish can be enjoyed with the correct flies and technique. Why not discover for yourself precisely why mullet have gained the accolade of the 'British Bonefish.'




Jo Stephenson

Lives in Suffolk and makes a living as a fishing guide.  You may recogniser her from her appearance on "The Big Fish" on the BBC in 2015.  Is a renowned fly tyer and an excellent coach.






David Wolsoncroft-Dodds - Flyfish for Pike (and Porbeagle, sea bass and pollack)

David Wolsoncroft-DoddsDavid is a fly fishing guide who specialises in Pike but during the summer months is now concentrating on fly fishing for Porbeagle Sharks and Sea Bass and Pollack




BassgodeeperNick Mackrory, Bassgodeeper.  Professional local Cornish fishing guide. Nick caught his first wrasse off Gorran Haven quay, at the age of 6 and has been smitten with fishing ever since. His late father used to run fishing tackle shops here in Cornwall and Nick was lucky enough to hear the banter (and some advice) from the old boys who came in to pick up their Red Gills (Cornwall’s first lure manufacturer – made in Mevagissey).

How times have changed. There is now a new arsenal of fantastic equipment available at the click of a mouse and Nick is at the forefront to help. He has nearly 40 years of fishing under his belt with 20 of those, using lures. Nick fishes every day, for work and for pleasure. His local knowledge is second to none.  He is an affiliate guide for Bass Lures UK, Top Water Lures, 7th Rise and for his own company, Bass Go Deeper.

Bass Go Deeper’s guiding service caters to all styles of lure and fly fishing. Your fishing time can be spent at sea on Fulmar, Bass Go Deeper’s inshore vessel or, if you prefer, on land. Your time will include watercraft, lure and equipment knowledge and a study of predator species, such as Bass, Pollock, Wrasse, etc